5 Scientific Benefits of Journaling

Did you know that journaling is so good for your health and wellbeing? Here are some of the benefits.

1. Gain instant clarity

Write to find out what you think. Similar to going for a walk to unscramble messy thoughts, journaling helps you gain instant clarity about what is it that is occupying your mind.

That’s because writing naturally leads you to organize information into a sequence, giving you a chance to understand your thought process.

With clarity, you’ll know whether you need to meditate, talk to a friend, or change your strategy in a project you’re working on.

Tip: clear your mind through journaling prior to meditating. It’s a hack you need to try to enjoy more powerful meditations.

2. Keeps you healthy

Yes, you read that right. Journaling is a tool to express thoughts and emotions rather than stuffing them down, which is known to be unfavourable to our health.

Research has found that processing even minor stressful events through journaling boosts our immune system. That’s because we release them through journaling.

A stronger immune system and a better mood helps us to go about our day feeling refreshed and perform better.

3. Helps you heal

In a recent study, participants going through trauma were invited to journal about their thoughts and feelings. These participants experienced positive results: better relationships with others, a greater sense of strength and a newfound appreciation for life.

Other participants who focused purely on emotions expressed more negative emotions over time and even got sick more often that month.

Tip: avoid purely focusing on emotions while journaling. Use rational thought alongside feelings to gain the most benefits from journaling.

4. Gratitude journaling increases positive emotions

A daily dose of gratitude in the morning can be transformative to your overall wellbeing and can contribute to increased positive emotions over time.

As gratitude becomes a daily part of your life, you will train your mind to see the good in almost any experience you go through.

Among other scientific benefits, gratitude journaling also reduces stress and improves self-esteem.

5. Better sleep

Studies have found that journaling before bed decreases distractions, overthinking, and worry which helps you sleep faster.

Companion journal includes a night reflection section for this very purpose. Wash away your day with a simple journaling ritual before bed.

Did you know that getting better sleep contributes to a sharper brain, better mood, healthier heart, amongst other wonderful benefits?

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