Understand the Universe Within You

“I am the resonance and the tone, I am altogether the mingling of the tone and its resonance”

– Michel Serres

As you are staring at your phone or screen wondering what this article is about, your heart is beating and operating in a way you could never imagine. If you are curious to learn about how your mind and body interact, continue reading.

The Incredible Function of the Heart

Your heart beats because it is circulating blood cells, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients around your body. You see, the cardiomyocytes (heart cells) produce impulses of electrical charges that travel from the top to the apex -the lowest superficial part- of your heart in the form of electrical waves, forcing the cells to contract and relax in harmony and synchronicity in order to circulate your blood.

If you take a single heart cell and zoom in, you will find the nucleus which is the brain center of the cell and contains all the important information of what makes you YOU!

Energy Within

If you zoom into the nucleus you will find molecules, if you zoom in furthermore you will find atoms. These atoms contain a nucleus as well, and if you zoom into its nucleus, you will find a string that vibrates energy.

If you take any organism or object in this known universe and explore its atomic form, you will find that vibrating string.

Why this Matters

Energy is measured by frequency. Some frequencies are audible to the human ear and some are not.

Recently, some scientists were able to record the frequencies that cells omit using an atomic force
microscope. It was observed that when inducing stress on the cells, their vibrational frequency changed and the synchronicity between cellular vibrations was lost.

Stress and negative thoughts can change your physiology

Stress is an emotion that causes the body to go into a state of panic or as we call it in the medical world
(fight-or-flight). If you are living in a chronic state of fear, anxiety, sadness, or stress,
your cellular vibration will lose its synchronicity and cause your body to enter the fight-or-flight

When your body operates in fight-or-flight mode, you experience hormonal imbalance which could eventually lead to diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, stress ulcers, to name a few.

Think of your vibrations as the energies of your thoughts and feelings. You ideally want your vibrations to emit positive energies that support and uplift you. That’s why it’s so important to keep your thoughts and feelings in check to ensure that your body is in an optimal and healthy state. 

Parting advice: To enjoy a mindful and healthy life, observe your thoughts and feelings so that your body functions in its optimal state.

Featured image by Monstera on Pexels

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