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Better well-being and mindful productivity await you with companion annual. New and improved, companion’s special features will guide you towards a richer life. Set goals, habits, and rituals, track progress, and experience high vibrations. Seamlessly plan and journal with an interactive and intuitive design.

Unlock your potential for an abundant life.

Now just a download away.

◎ minimalistic
◎ simple navigation
◎ completely hyperlinked
◎ effortless planning
◎ improves well-being
◎ encourages mindful productivity
◎ for journaling lovers

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The Only Planner You Need in 2024!

Whatever we say— companion is better. This one-of-a-kind planner doubles as a manifestation tool and journal. It infuses positive rituals and mindful exercises that you can perform monthly, weekly, and daily. The annual pages serve as an overview of your year’s goals, and the monthly and weekly portions help you master short-term priorities and goals.

Create monthly vision boards, and experience planning pages designed to help you focus and succeed. Not to mention— daily journaling pages for gratitude and self-reflection that contain a new affirmation each day!

Whatever you need and more— companion has it!


◎ 2024 goals
◎ 2024 vision board
◎ calendar pages
◎ monthly vision board
◎ monthly overview and review
◎ monthly rituals
◎ weekly overview
◎ weekly habits and tracking
◎ daily planning
◎ daily journaling
◎ inspiring quotes
◎ daily high-vibe affirmations
◎ bonus abundance and mindfulness exercises!

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